How to Wrap

Thank you for purchasing one of our uniquely versatile garments! There are endless possibilities when it comes to wrapping your Made by Erika Convertible Dress and are only limited by your imagination!​
Some tip's to help achieve a comfortable fit;
1. Start with the straps pulled fairly tight over the bust to avoid gaping once tied.
2. When Wrapping a one shoulder, the strap's will generally sit better on the left hand shoulder.
3. For a large bow wrap around the waist once, for a smaller knot/bow wrap twice
4. To support the bust; wear a strapless bra with one of our matching boob tubes under your dress. Alternatively utilise stick on backless bra's or wrap to conceal your bra by feeding the excess strap behind your front straps over your bust before wrapping around your waist
5. Mix and Match front's and backs to achieve many different looks 
Here are some wrapping idea's to get you started!
There are many more way's you can style your dress using knots and our accessory buckles, so start experimenting and enjoy the versatility of your new favourite dress!