You CAN cut your own dress to length

We've had so many girls asking if they can book in to get their hem's trimmed to the right length. 

This is something you can easily do yourselves with just a couple of tools required (that will cost you under $20).

1. Rotary Cutter

2. Ruler or tape measure

3. Chalk to mark where you need to cut

4. Hard surface such as a chopping board or quilters mat (if you have one) to protect your table.

So first put your dress on and decide how much needs to come off. Ask a friend to help you. Standing up tall wearing the correct footwear you intend to wear on the day, looking straight ahead (Do not look down or it will end up too short!!!) have your friend make a couple of marks where the hem needs to be cut to. Take the dress off and measure how much the marks are from the current hem ie; 1cm, 2cm or so on. Take your ruler or tape measure and continue to follow the hem around making little marks every so often so you have a line to follow with your cutter. Once the dress has been marked, lay the dress out nice and flat over the hard surface. Using the rotary cutter press it into the fabric at the marked points and simply roll it forward following the lines made all the way around the skirt. And voila; you're all done! You'll end up with a nice even sharp cut and the correct length for your dress. 




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